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Omarr McIntyre BKA as sun752 is a Penn State Alumnus with a B.S. in Administration of Justice/Sociology but more importantly he is what you would call a hood health improvement advocate. He knows that if you can improve the health of something in this world then you can extend its life and make the life of the thing meaningful, purposeful, ambitious and happy.

Sun752 has been performing stand up comedy in and around the United States for the last 12 years and has opened up for many top national comedians. Most notably JB Smoove of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Last Comic Standing. Through comedy sun realized that along with the many laughs that he received he would also receive a lot of questions about his socially conscious comedy material that would often start endless discussions after the performances were done. The thought came to mind: What if he could get people to not only laugh at the seriousness but fixable conditions their hood struggles, but to actually do something about them and encourage others to do the same? What if he could show people the easier steps towards their happiness and empowerment and start a movement where they could build on that discovery? That was where the Sun Always Shines Show which would later be renamed Urban Therapy with Sun would become the movement that would attempt to improve the consciousness and lives of a generation.

The hood is our health. Urban Therapy with Sun understands the hood and health deeply and overstands that the hood and health is wherever your heart and mind is. We seek to elevate and improve the level of both.
We focus on improving ourselves through more nutritious foods, effective and routine exercise, clearer knowledge and understanding of our thoughts and feelings, knowledge and acceptance of our neighbors and their struggles, better ways to understand what is reported and shown in the media and why it is shown. In short, this is a truth seeking movement knows that positive differences can be made when you learn the right way to do things instead of believing the hype. Even in the hood. Urban Therapy with Sun is guided by sun752 but navigated by all who love life and live life. The hood is our health.

Omarr McIntyre AKA sun752

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