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The Spring Cleaning Event #2–Fitness Walk 5/16/15 was featured in:


Get out, get healthy! Spring Cleaning Event Part 2
Detox Those Winter Blues With Spring Air

Philadelphia, PA:  Join us for an eventful 8 mile walk on Saturday May 16, 2015 at Wissahickon Park, starting at Wissahickon Avenue and Rittenhouse Street. We will meet at 10am and begin with a much needed warmup and meet and greet. Our walk through historic Wissahickon Park will be rejuvenating, clarifying and therapeutic. You will meet old friends and make new friends who believe in the mission of Urban Therapy, building a stronger community can only come from stronger individuals, hood health matters!

Founder and health enthusiast, sun752, leads Urban Therapy with two goals to move the mission forward. He consistently reiterates that people need to recognize the hood is any neighborhood they occupy, not just the inner city and that in order to become healthy in the hood you must address the mind and body simultaneously. Urban Therapy is an active organization that is only as strong as its active members.

Urban Therapy with Sun takes advantage of the cultural, natural and historical places located in Philadelphia, PA. There is always an abundance of free things to do in The City of Brotherly Love, Urban Therapy would like to invite you to join them to kick start your hood health initiative.

Urban Therapy with Sun: An active movement organization that strives to improve hood health with the use of inner city locations geared towards a more holistic approach to getting healthy and staying healthy.


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