What's the 411?

Where are we going this time?

The Philadelphia Art Museum! Better known for it’s steps that Rocky conquered, less known for the fact that Julian Abele, an African American, was the chief Architect of the museum. Bottom line, a fictitious character conquered steps that a real pioneer envisioned.

Okay, my interest is peaked! When is the trip?

Saturday June 6, 2015. The time is TBD. It’s very hard to plan a trip with more window shoppers than customers! Stop putting off your cultural health for tomorrow and commit to supporting your mental growth.

You’re good at sales! (I talk to myself all the time!) But how much will this trip cost?

Great question! Easy answer, we don’t know yet. Second lesson of today, supply and demand. Our first trip was nicely supported and attended, but we had tickets left over which made us have a deficit. Since we have a rolling deficit from our first trip, we may not purchase the tickets in advance because we don’t have the funds to front the costs (always keeping it 100). If you would like to attend, we will need more than a verbal commitment because words don’t pay for tickets, money pays for tickets. Here comes another Google plug–visit the Art Muesum’s website and check the ticket prices. You will see that the costs for more tickets(group sales) is cheaper than individual tickets. Can we be a unit and do the math? The more people we have, the less our expenses. The less our expenses, the more likely we are to actually bring name tags this time!

We will keep you up to date on the ticket prices. Keep visiting our website for details.

Can I bring children?

I don’t know how to answer that nicely…why would you want to bring your children to an adult class trip?! That defeats the purpose of you getting out and doing something for yourself, to better cultivate your mental health. We can not say ‘no’ but we can say “We ain’t watching nobody’s children!”

*As always, if you have any more questions/concerns please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible…which means…yup, before the event date! You catch on quickly, we are going to have so much fun on June 6th!

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